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ASIMUT-ALVL, the modular software for radiative transfer calculations in planetary atmospheres

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ASIMUT Documentation

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ASIMUT-ALVL** is a modular software for radiative transfer calculations in planetary atmospheres. The ASIMUT software has been developed to exploit the synergy existing between the growing number of different instruments working under different geometries. The main particularities of the software are:

Initially developed for the Earth atmosphere, its applicability has been extended to extraterrestrial atmospheres: Venus and Mars are implemented, but it is easy to add any other planets or bodies.

To be able to simulate scattering atmospheres, the ASIMUT-ALVL software has been linked to the following codes :

Where to find documentation on ASIMUT-ALVL

In the ../Documentation directory, you will find a series of files describing how to use ASIMUT-ALVL. These are:

  1. ASIMUT_User_Manual.pdf : user manual describing in details the program, how to compile it under WINDOWS and UNIX, how to run it, the science on which it is based, etc
  2. ASIMUT_Input_File.pdf : description of the input files needed by ASIMUT-ALVL, description of all parameters
  3. ASIMUT_Documentation.pdf : pdf version of this ASIMUT-ALVL webpage
  4. ASIMUT_Documentation.html : a link (under windows) to this webpage (starting from../Documentation/html/index.html).

and some help to install ASIMUT-ALVL uner WINDOWS:

  1. 000_Readme.pdf : Read me before you start ASIMUT-ALVL
  2. ASIMUT_FileExtension.pdf : how to associate the file extension to ASIMUT under WINDOWS
  3. ASIMUT_Screenshots_Install.pdf : some help to install ASIMUT under WINDOWS

What is provided in the online documentation

This manual is divided in the following sections:

Other related files

Some pages contains related information on the ASIMUT-ALVL project: