Publications in 2019....


  • Martian dust storm impact on atmospheric H2O and D/H observed by ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter
    A.C. Vandaele, O. Korablev, ... and the ACS and NOMAD teams
    Nature (2019)

  • Early observations by ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter show no signs of methane on Mars
    O. Korablev, A.C. Vandaele, ... and the ACS and NOMAD teams
    Nature (2019)

  • Independent confirmation of a methane spike on Mars and a source region east of Gale Crater
    M. Giuranna et al
    Nature Geosciences(2019)

  • Methane on Mars: New insights into the sensitivity of CH4 with the NOMAD/ExoMars spectrometer through its first in-flight calibration
    Liuzzi G., Villanueva, G., Mumma, M., Smith, M., Daerden F., Ristic, B., Thomas, I., Vandaele, A.C., Patel, M., Lopez-Moreno, J.-J., Bellucci, G. and the NOMAD team
    Icarus 321, 671-690 (2019)

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