Ann Carine Vandaele orcid

 Frank Daerden orcid  Lori Neary orcid  Sébastien Viscardy orcid Arianna Piccialli orcid 
 Ian Thomas orcid srobertSéverine Robert orcid Justin Erwin orcid Yannick Willame orcid Arnaud Mahieux orcid
Cédric Depiesse orcid Loïc Trompet orcid MCisneros 2Miriam Cisneros orcid Zachary Flimon orcid  



We work in close collaboration with the BRC-Lab team led by David Bolsée and including Nuno Pereira.

Our work is supported by a great team of engineers connected to the Planetary Atmospheres group

Eddy Neefs
Bojan Ristic
Sophie Berkenbosch
Sabrina Bonnewijn
Roland Clairquin
Bram Beeckman
Lars Jacobs
Roderick de Cock
Jeroen Maes


Previous team members

Shohei AokiShohei Aoki   Fabiana Da PieveFabiana Da Pieve   Valérie Wilquet
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