Planetary Atmospheres Group

The Europlanet AISBL is hosted by the Planetary Atmospheres Group of the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB).

The general address is:

Europlanet AISBL  -  0800.634.634
Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
Planetary Atmospheres Group
Avenue Circulaire 3
B-1180 Brussels
E-mail: europlanet @


About the Europlanet AISBL

The purpose of the association is to promote planetary sciences, planetary exploration and any other related field for the benefit of the community, by encouraging the creation of new knowledge, by promoting education, by stimulating innovation and enhancing accessibility and transparency.

The purpose of international utility of the association is:

  • to allow the community of Europlanet stakeholders to speak with one voice to defend and represent its interests,
  • to promote coherence between policy and the research priorities of the European Union and the activities coordinated by the association.

The association achieves its goal by pursuing a series of activities, including:

  1. By supporting the planetary science community through the activities of the Europlanet Society and its structures, including the EPSC conference;
  2. Establishing strategic collaborations to support planetary science;
  3. By developing and maintaining infrastructures to support planetary sciences.


The Europlanet AISBL provides the legal structure for the sustainibility of Europlanet activities including the Europlanet Society.


The Europlanet AISBL Executive Board

The Executive Board is the governing body of the AISBL and consists of the five officers elected by the membership of the Europlanet Society:

  • the President: Nigel Mason
  • two Vice-Presidents: Ann Carine Vandaele (President Elect, 2022), Angelo Pio Rossi
  • the Secretary: Anita Heward
  • the Treasurer: Didier Moreau

Members of Executive Board serve for a period of four years, according to the statutes of the AISBL.

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